SPA Facilities


Spa Dentistry is corning to Bay Area - Houston! What is spa dentistry? Spa dentistry is a personal approach to dentistry. Spa dentistry takes an interest in the patient's overall experience and sense of well-being. Dr. Cheryl Mecca, D.D.S.. wants to give patients the most comfortable and soothing dental experience possible, all while maintaining the most modern technology and sterilization methods available. She wants to bring a different approach to dentistry to Bay Area Houston. There are others who offer spa dentistry but Dr. Mecca wants to add something extra, such as a fitness room and a licensed masseuse,

To ensure your soothing experience, patients receive a complimentary head and neck massage prior to treatment, Patients of Dr. Mecca can make appointments for massage services at other times. The soothing care also includes a hand- waxing treatment. Aroma therapy delights the senses with anti stress creams, eye masks, warm scented towels and Angel Hugs (a warm and scented beaded wrap). The office itself is filled with the scent of fresh bread baked daily. A growing concern amongst Americans is sleep apnea, check out our friend on the west coast who treats sleep apnea in Newport Beach CA. According to Dr. Mecca, patients love the cinnamon raisin. Smoothies and fresh gourmet coffee are added delights. Often, patients come in before or after work and school and need a little snack before their dental procedure begins.